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US-2003151272-A1: Window glass and automobile equipped with the same patent, US-2003160540-A1: Systems and methods for overcoming stiction patent, US-2003170266-A1: Envelope gene-deficient paramyxovirus vector patent, JP-6026550-B2: 積層体 patent, JP-2009265629-A: Display substrate, and manufacturing method and display device therefor patent, JP-2010066203-A: Position detector of movable part, and two-degree-of-freedom actuator patent, JP-2012017380-A: 防火用熱膨張性目地材 patent, JP-2012183026-A: 飲食物及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2013206598-A: 二次電池正極用複合粒子、二次電池用正極及び二次電池 patent, JP-2014507193-A: 殺菌パッド、殺菌パッドの製造方法、殺菌パッドを有する便座、及び便器の殺菌方法 patent, JP-2014517912-A: アウトオブプレーンスペーサが画成する電極 patent, JP-2015083555-A: Method of dyeing or decoloring hair patent, JP-WO2013111661-A1: 遮熱性及び発色性に優れたポリエステル系複合繊維 patent, US-2002072117-A1: Human feeder cells that support proliferation of undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells patent, US-2002106833-A1: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same patent, US-2002159448-A1: Communication device and method of controlling the same patent, US-2002176390-A1: Wireless mesh network node patent, US-2002194199-A1: Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration patent, US-2003011849-A1: Method and system for providing a return path for signals generated by legacy terminals in an optical network patent, US-2003114783-A1: Hinged orthopedic device for holding tools patent, US-2003145882-A1: Telescopic cover with imbricated elements patent, US-2003148310-A1: Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid using multi-subunit probes patent, JP-4677333-B2: アミロイド形成疾患の予防および治療剤 patent, JP-2009539557-A: 糖尿病療法を決定し得る患者情報を収集するシステムおよび方法 patent, JP-2012085107-A: 画像処理装置、文書取扱システムおよび画像処理方法 patent, JP-2013131301-A: Fuel cell system patent, JP-2013175195-A: Method for generating onscreen menu patent, JP-2014003247-A: Organic electroluminescent element patent, JP-2014015536-A: Method for manufacturing detergent particle patent, JP-2014508266-A: 蒸気圧縮システムの動作を制御するための方法、及び、最適化コントローラー patent, US-2002169851-A1: Internet-based system for dynamically creating and delivering customized content within remote web pages patent, US-2003064248-A1: Method and materials for patterning of a polymerizable, amorphous matrix with electrically active material disposed therein patent, US-2003128963-A1: Apparatus and method for installing optical components in an integrated optical fiber processing system patent, JP-2009075685-A: 画像処理装置および画像処理方法、並びにプログラム patent, JP-2009092959-A: クリーニング装置、像担持体ユニット及び画像形成装置 patent, JP-2012030061-A: 移動型放射線画像撮影装置及び移動型放射線画像撮影装置の電力供給方法 patent, US-2002079458-A1: Hybrid detector for X-ray imaging patent, US-2002095226-A1: Electronic apparatus patent, US-2002174048-A1: Method and apparatus for delegating authority patent, US-2003074248-A1: Method and system for assimilating data from disparate, ancillary systems onto an enterprise system patent, US-2003108298-A1: Tap monitor patent, US-2003143327-A1: Method for producing a carbon nanotube patent, JP-4493047-B2: 骨盤矯正用パンティーガードル patent, JP-4512778-B2: 不法投棄箇所検知装置、方法、およびプログラム patent, JP-5590427-B2: 映像処理システム、映像コンテンツ監視方法、映像処理装置及びその制御方法と制御プログラム patent, NL-1003016-C2: Gesubstitueerde pentadieenverbinding. patent, US-2003010366-A1: Extension arm which is pivotally mounted on a support patent, JP-2015052561-A: Secondary ion mass spectrometer patent, US-2002112200-A1: Automated analysis of kernel and user core files including searching, ranking, and recommending patch files patent, US-2002140719-A1: Video and multimedia browsing while switching between views patent, US-2002180218-A1: Fenestration locking system patent, US-2003027771-A1: Pyroglutamic acid derivatives and related compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4 patent, JP-6006393-B1: プラズマ処理装置 patent, JP-5472446-B2: ナノヘテロ構造体およびその製造方法 patent, US-2002159152-A1: Apparatus for optical beam shaping and diffusing and associated methods patent, US-2003078865-A1: Automated financial market information and trading system patent, US-2003106711-A1: Solder resist opening to define a combination pin one indicator and fiducial patent, US-2003142640-A1: Interference cancellation in radio system receiver patent, JP-H1154502-A: Method and device for deposition of etching stopping layer patent, US-2002120762-A1: Globalization management system and method therefor patent, US-2002163333-A1: Eddy current sensing arrays and system patent, US-2003075270-A1: Method for improving bonding of circuit substrates to metal and articles formed thereby patent, US-2003090118-A1: Vehicle partition patent, US-2003102003-A1: Treatment hairbrush patent, JP-2009222269-A: 外壁端末換気口 patent, JP-2014177449-A: 塩、レジスト組成物及びレジストパターンの製造方法 patent, US-2002124020-A1: Extracting textual equivalents of multimedia content stored in multimedia files patent, JP-2008225452-A: 光学素子用成形体 patent, US-2003024180-A1: Edge treatments for coated substrates patent, US-2002032667-A1: System and method providing a restaurant menu dynamically generated based on revenue management information patent, US-2003009345-A1: System and method for communication and processing of legal document based on geographic area patent, US-2003169617-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-2010149573-A: Electric power steering device patent, US-2002004804-A1: Industrial automation system graphical programming language storage and transmission patent, US-2002097632-A1: Bidirectional flow centrifugal microfluidic devices patent, US-2002149389-A1: In-tray burn-in board, device and test assembly for testing integrated circuit devices in situ on processing trays patent, US-2003061926-A1: Rotor and counter knife for a rotary grinder patent, US-2003089691-A1: Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device patent, US-2002024325-A1: Engine generator apparatus and cogeneration system patent, US-2002031283-A1: Image processing apparatus, image editing apparatus, image editing method, and image editing program patent, US-2002087872-A1: Integrated circuit chip having firmware and hardware security primitive device(s) patent, US-2003046564-A1: Storage medium and method for storing data decrypting algorithm patent, US-2003149760-A1: System, apparatus and control method for monitoring system changes within a network configuration patent, US-2002161715-A1: Digital signal processing apparatus, digital signal processing method, information center, and data delivery system patent, JP-5513641-B1: 撮像レンズ patent, US-2002027677-A1: Communication apparatus with relay function and relay method patent, US-2003129041-A1: Anchor nut device for attachment to a structure patent, US-2003133113-A1: Rheo-optical indexer and method of screening and characterizing arrays of materials patent, US-2002165024-A1: System and method for transmission of predefined messages among wireless terminals accessing an on-line service, and a wireless terminal patent, US-2003049307-A1: Pharmaceutical composition patent, US-2002188026-A1: Methods of sterilizing with dipercarboxylic acids patent, US-2002128981-A1: Method and system for facilitating secure customer financial transactions over an open network patent, US-2003018687-A1: Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on detection of a flow marker within an instruction information patent, US-2002145134-A1: Sol-gel derived resistive and conductive coating patent, US-2003006718-A1: Integral lamp patent, US-2002117247-A1: Manufacturing precision multipole guides and filters patent, US-2003162905-A1: AnB block copolymers containing poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) units, medical devices, and methods patent, US-2002075407-A1: Picture-in-picture repositioning and/or resizing based on video content analysis patent, US-2003154558-A1: Method of controlling a washing machine patent, US-2003014495-A1: System, method, and apparatus for preventing data packet overflow at node in wireless packet data services network patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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